A Huge thanks and we’ll miss you Julie.

Posted: Jul 23, 2015
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Julie Bond our manager for Phillip Lane, is leaving us at HAIL after 19 years dedicated service to our customers, Julie and her family leaving London and moving to the seaside.

Julie has had different roles within HAIL over the years, from floating support to job coaching and progressing to managing  one of our Housing Related Support project, we hope her length of service reflects her enjoyment of working with our customers, we know they think the world of Julie and will miss her greatly.

Julie is held in high regard within HAIL as her line manager Sharon Harris says: “Julie is a great manager and her customers love her to bits, as do her team, of course we’ll miss her a lot but we wish her all the very best in her new life beside the seaside”

This sentiment is supported by our Chair Roy Emmett, “it’s rare to have staff with such long service and I think this shows Julie’s commitment and dedication to HAIL and most importantly our customers, I can’t thank Julie enough for this and I wish her a happy and prosperous future in her new home”


Lastly we know Julies customers will miss her the most, she has been part of their lives in some case for many years, Thank you for everything Julie you’ll be missed but enjoy the sea air, all the very best from all at HAIL.