HAIL Travel Training Scheme

Posted: May 18, 2015
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Who are we?

HAIL is a local charitable organisation with over 25 years of supporting vulnerable people to live their own lives. HAIL has been providing travel training to adults and children in several London boroughs for over 10 years.

HAIL has a range of local travel trainers to meet your needs. All travel trainers are fully trained in training techniques, adult and child safeguarding. We understand that students and parent/carers may have a range of questions and anxieties about travel training we will support you through the whole process.

Being able to travel is an important skill for life and we believe that everyone has the right to travel safely and as independently as possible. Independent travel increases and develops:

  • self esteem
  • opportunities for learning and employment
  •  confidence
  • Personal safety

Travel Training-what we do.

We work with each student on a one-to one basis and using some group sessions.

Training is personalised to the individual, using a range of communication and training techniques.

We meet up with parent/carers, the school and the student at first to plan training needs. We can meet at a time and place suitable for you. You can also pop in and meet us at our hub on Garratt Lane.

This is followed by a 1-1 assessment.

The agreed travel trainer will then work with the student on one route over an agreed time.

Timescales for travel training for each student is unique to them and can be anything between 1 month and 1 year. The most important things are that the student can travel independently, comfortably and safely.

When we agree that the student is ready to travel independently we will do a final assessment and risk analysis. This will include the student being shadowed and observed several times by an unknown trainer.

HAIL uses a reward system for travel training giving the student a certificate for each level they reach. The HAIL travel training programme includes:

  • Learning a route
  • Using different forms of transport
  • Recognising risks and danger including road safety and stranger dangers
  • Using technology to manage travel
  • Personal safety and safe places to get help
  • Managing anxieties
  • Understanding changes to routes and transport

Contact us:

Susan Saker
The HAIL Hub,
178 Garratt Lane,
London, SW18 4ED

Tel: 0208 874 7279
Email: thehailhub@hailltd.org