National Time to Talk Day. Time to Talk Day

Posted: Feb 2, 2017
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Today is National Time to Talk Day. Time to Talk Day takes place on the first Thursday in February.
It’s a day that brings the nation together to get talking and break the silence around mental health problems.



Since Time to Talk Day first launched in 2014, it has sparked millions of conversations in schools, homes, workplaces, in the media and online.



This year’s theme for Time to Talk Day is focusing on how positive conversations about mental health change lives and urging people to start up a conversation, whatever the hour, on Time to Talk Day itself. With this in mind the HAIL Mental Health Service User team would like everyone to join in with us and have a non-work conversation for at least a minute- ideally whilst having a cuppa- with another staff member or customer on the subject of wellbeing and mental health.


Some suggestions:


“How are you feeling?”


“What things do you do to unwind when you’ve had a stressful day?”


Talk about the things that make you smile the most.




More about Time to Talk Day



Many thanks and let’s get talking!